Victoria Rotchenkova (Toryia)- Latvian born singer songwriter based in London, UK. Ever since childhood, her life dream was empowered by her great love for the arts and self expression. Growing up in Riga (Latvia) with a mixed heritage of Armenian, Russian, Polish, Toryia discovering her talent at the very young age of 6. Already being selected at that age as lead performer in musicals and joining a choir as a soprano singer. Shortly after Toryia was selected in the choir, she got accepted to a top regional school for music. Here she followed a classical piano program, where she could develop her talents even more. If anyone would ask her to describe her love for music & performing, she would say: “I always felt the need to express myself through music. There was no doubt in my mind, I wanted to be a singer, a artist! Even when it seemed impossible, I never stopped working on my goals or lost any hope.“  

Following her path in music wasn't always easy as there were many obstacles Toryia had to overcome. She would have a job where she would take all the hours she can just so that she can afford vocal lessons. Countless hours of working on herself just so that she could sing the songs she wanted. Only satisfied when she was able to hit those high notes. All the hard work wasn't for nothing, as now, Toryia can share her music with the world.



Toryia began writing in 2010 while not knowing anything about the industry - she would take famous instrumentals and turn them into her own songs written in her broken english that she didn’t know either. After posting them on her social media positioning her new release. As soon as she became financially independent - she would work during the day and would spend all her time working on her voice and recording skills during her lunch breaks and after work proving both her passion and determination. She put a lot of focus into finding her own unique style, achieving her goals and perfecting the craft.


With her music, Toryia strives to inspire other creatives to follow their passion and heart. An Energy powerhouse independent spirit, angelic vocals with blend of R&B/Soul, Trap and Pop sounds. Toryia’s music influences include Aaliyah, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and many others. 


During her life journey - Toryia learned that no matter how slow you go - as long as you keep moving which has become her life motto. 

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